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Another year has gone by

Seriously, my 6 ojisan do not age. I could look at this and say this is 2010, 2012, 2014... when in fact, it's 20-freaking-16. Holy cow what kind of anti-aging cream do you guys use?

Last time I posted was in 2012, crazy haha. Not sure what prompted me to post this entry (maybe to celebrate OkaJun finally reverting back to his classic hairstyle :3), but the end of the year seems to always be important for V6 and for me. OkaJun's birthday, my birthday, V6's anniversary all fall in the same month. And now, Nagano mama's marriage announcement!

After 7 years of getting into V6, I'm still here, still following them (albeit much more silently), and still dance awkwardly to their music. I discovered them in my early 20s, and now I'm almost hitting the 3. Seeing them on screen still makes me grin so wide my lips may tear up any time. In fact the other day I was happy for the entire day when Nagano-kun announced his marriage (yahhh now we just need to "get rid" of the other 4!)

My entry is now public, because there's nothing to be "private" - I'm just another fangirl on the Internet posting about my favorite group. No longer am I worried about J-showbiz or any other JE group. My fangirling for V6 exists in a vacuum, a sort of ignorant bliss. Because I'm getting old and ain't got time for any more fangirling other than V6 themselves.

Life goes on, but the memories always remain, and V6 is something I will cherish. Now, and probably for many many more years.



alan is one of my favorite singers - she sings well, is pretty, and I think because of where she came from (being Tibetan, growing up in China, trained in classical Chinese music), she brings a fresh air to the J-pop scene. Unfortunately she's on a hiatus in Japan right now (something about avex China not existing any more?) and is back in China, but I'm still waiting for the day she comes back to Japan :) I've listened to some Chinese songs of hers, but I like her Japanese songs much more (with the exception of 大江東去, Red Cliff 2 theme song, which really suits her voice and sounds heavenly!). Also because of her ethnicity, her voice carries a distinct feel of melancholy unlike that of any Japanese singers. I like the fact that her composers also try to incorporate many traditional Tibetan elements into her songs to make her works unique. As such, it's a joy to watch her sing live.

A couple of alan's songs that I like:

大江東去 - Japanese version Kuon no kawa
BALLAD ~名もなき恋のうた
懐かしい未来 (Natsukashii mirai) - Live
群青の谷 (Gunjou no tani)
Kanashimi wa Yuki ni Nemuru (悲しみは雪)


Recently I've been really into ayaka's music. I first knew her because of Okaeri (Zettai Kareshi's theme never watched the drama btw), and then I believe, but they weren't enough to make me listen to more. Then she got married to Mizushima Hiro and subsequently temporarily took a break from performing because of Graves' disease, but this year that she was back, I listened to her newest album, "The beginning" and was blown away.

At first I didn't like ayaka's voice as much, or rather her way of singing; I feel like it's a bit too embellished with such a heavy emphasis on techniques that at times it feels so "trying". But, with the types of songs that she wrote, I've been overlooking that and now I'm used to her voice and have learned to love it! Now I feel that it fits her songs well, because, well, she writes them. Plus, she is AMAZING live.

If you were to ask me, I'd try her newest album first, I like it much better than her earlier stuff. ayaka writes very inspirational lyrics, definitely not the sentimental lovesick kind, and that's why I like her songs so much!

AKB48 - newest interest

I've recently listened to more AKB48, just because I like upbeat songs (why do I like V6, right?). Before I didn't think I'd be interested in their music knowing it's "just 48 cute girls on stage." It's true that's how they market the group, but I found some of their songs very listen-able and cute and encouraging and what have you.

The first song ever that I liked from AKB48 was Beginner, when I saw their performance in FNS back in 2010; I liked that perf very much (mostly because Maeda Atsuko looked so good in that perf :">). It had a catchy tune, and their dance looked pretty attractive. But, after 2 years - just recently, I fell in love with another song of theirs - Sakura no hababiratachi. Their performance somehow really touched me and made me feel so nostalgic - their hand movements mirroring the falling flowers, and how all of them were so... young and all looked so... innocent and child-like. The striking contrast between them - back then, and them - now, reminded me of my childhood, and how we all have changed...

Latest song I've enjoyed is Aitakatta; the PV was cute (though I'm getting bored of the bell in the beginning of so many PVs :p). Nice, catchy, happy song :D I love PV's depicting friendship (case in point, Utao-Utao), maybe that's why :D

As you can tell from above, Maeda Atsuko catches most of my attention in AKB48, although I really like Takahashi Minami too (partly because my dear tea-chan likes Minami the best :p). Maeda seems both confident and shy at the same time; she's not strikingly beautiful but her smile is very charming and fresh. Takahashi is the type of girl that I usually like - boyish, seems to be a very strong and independent person; she's AKB's leader anyways. But now that Maeda is gone, I'm not sure if I'll enjoy watching them as much as before (she's for sure an eye-candy for me :"3, although I don't like her voice, it's high-pitched and sometimes annoying).

BUT, the person I found most beautiful in AKB48 so far is Akimoto Sayaka. I think she has very strong features, and her beauty is more striking than the rest.

All in all, if you know other AKB48 songs that are upbeat and happy (which I assume most are?) or those that you like, please recommend me some :p


My dorky men are back!!!

It's been busy (as usual), and I have 3 tests next week, but who cares! My dorky men are hereeeee.
I was studying with friends, but even so I couldn't help downloading the PV right on my "study-only" netbook, which so far really only contains school-related materials (I have a laptop for all other purposes at home). And during study breaks I was looping the PV the whole time, my friends didn't know why I was suppressing my laughter like a crazy person lolz.

The PV was filmed to have a plot, so it reminds me of a mini-version of Orange (of course it's so light-hearted, when Orange was kind of dark at times lolz). The weird animals remind me of Kiseki no hajimari, and the whole fun concept of Ai no melody.

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Happy birthday to my favorite group :D

I'm still alive ;___; School has engulfed me, but I'm doing well, not failing any classes (yet). The schedule is brutal though; every day it's almost an 8-4 thing, not counting extracurricular activities. Oh well... still alive enough to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to V6!!!

In my mind, their image is always something like this - calming, cheerful, bright :) and HOT. and I can't say how much their songs mean to me at times. I've got past the stage where I'm crazy about idols (not that I was ever very crazy LOL), but V6 will always be a subtle yet important part in my life :)

It's also been 2 years since I became a V6 fan, and ever since entering the fandom every moment has been awesome :D :D (they say everyone thinks their fandom is the best; I do too, why not haha). Hope I'll still be here and celebrate a couple more anniversaries :p

Kokuriko-zaka kara (From Poppy Hill)

I had the chance to go see Kokuriko-zaka kara today at the Toronto International Film Festival ;___; (if you haven't read the lastest Ghibli news, it's Studio Ghibli's newest animation, directed by Miyazaki Goro - the son, scripted by Miyazaki Hayao - the man himself, and features Nagasawa Masami and Okada (Junichi, who else do I write about LOL)'s voices as the two main characters. So it's not so bad living where I live right now; at least it's close to Toronto where all the awesome movies get shown once a year LOL. Too bad there were no posters at the venue, because multiple movies were being shown. And I had hoped I could take a picture of myself with Kokuriko poster *cries*

The movie was pretty cute, with plenty of humor. I didn't like the main plot as much though *but I won't spoil hehe, the DVD is coming out soon I think???* It's a little stereotypical (even Okada's character himself says "I know, it sounds like a crazy melodrama plot"). Well, OK, when the character admits that, it becomes less annoying I suppose :)) But because it's Studio Ghibli, OF COURSE they won't really follow through with a melodramatic plot (e.g. girl gets cancer/weird disease, guy lives and cries his eyes out. This is totally not the plot of the movie BTW, just giving an example), so you don't have to worry about that at least :). To compensate for the little hint of melodrama in the beginning, they made the ending a bit awkward (for me at least >"<). But whatever. The movie was still adequately good; the jokes evenly spaced throughout made it enjoyable for me. And oh, Okada's character was veeeery cute, if I was Umi-chan (main girl's name) I would definitely fall for him too hahaha. *fangirl bias alert* Not to mention that his name is Kazama Shun, and so people call him Shun right... and I sometimes hear it as "Jun" (on purpose). So I was giggling through a lot of the movie where there wasn't anything to giggle about. Oh well...

Overall I would rate it as a 7/10, provided that my most favorite Ghibli animes are Ponyo (on the cliff by the sea!) and Howl's moving castle. Just really happy that I could go see Studio Ghibli (and a work that Okada participated in) on the big screen. Too bad it was the second movie I watched today, so I was a bit tired - and probably don't sound very enthusiastic right now ;___; Otherwise you (or the people at the theater) would have heard more "kyaaa" by me haha. xDDD

Walk - V6, Sayonara no natsu - Aoi Teshima

I know I like V6 also because of their "personality" (or what they show us), their shows (especially GeI) and their live performances, but it's times when they sing songs like Walk that I feel I like them the most :D

The title reminds me of this picture so much

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Well the title says it all...

(6) Sexy.honey.bunny(ies) live perf


This has become one of my all-time favorite V6 perfs!!!
I know Maa-kun is handsome, but damn, I don't think I HAVE EVER seen him this attractive, not even in Chou '___' I feel so shallow for liking attractive men orz But overall everyone was so gorgeous it was so harmful for my precious little heart @___@ Didn't like Ken's hair dye too much 'cause I'm a fan of black hair in general, but it worked on him :D

And Okada bb we know you've been disguising as a farmer all these times so that when you come up with a saner choice of attires we will appreciate it better. Clever!!!