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Happy birthday to my favorite group :D

I'm still alive ;___; School has engulfed me, but I'm doing well, not failing any classes (yet). The schedule is brutal though; every day it's almost an 8-4 thing, not counting extracurricular activities. Oh well... still alive enough to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to V6!!!

In my mind, their image is always something like this - calming, cheerful, bright :) and HOT. and I can't say how much their songs mean to me at times. I've got past the stage where I'm crazy about idols (not that I was ever very crazy LOL), but V6 will always be a subtle yet important part in my life :)

It's also been 2 years since I became a V6 fan, and ever since entering the fandom every moment has been awesome :D :D (they say everyone thinks their fandom is the best; I do too, why not haha). Hope I'll still be here and celebrate a couple more anniversaries :p