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Another year has gone by

Seriously, my 6 ojisan do not age. I could look at this and say this is 2010, 2012, 2014... when in fact, it's 20-freaking-16. Holy cow what kind of anti-aging cream do you guys use?

Last time I posted was in 2012, crazy haha. Not sure what prompted me to post this entry (maybe to celebrate OkaJun finally reverting back to his classic hairstyle :3), but the end of the year seems to always be important for V6 and for me. OkaJun's birthday, my birthday, V6's anniversary all fall in the same month. And now, Nagano mama's marriage announcement!

After 7 years of getting into V6, I'm still here, still following them (albeit much more silently), and still dance awkwardly to their music. I discovered them in my early 20s, and now I'm almost hitting the 3. Seeing them on screen still makes me grin so wide my lips may tear up any time. In fact the other day I was happy for the entire day when Nagano-kun announced his marriage (yahhh now we just need to "get rid" of the other 4!)

My entry is now public, because there's nothing to be "private" - I'm just another fangirl on the Internet posting about my favorite group. No longer am I worried about J-showbiz or any other JE group. My fangirling for V6 exists in a vacuum, a sort of ignorant bliss. Because I'm getting old and ain't got time for any more fangirling other than V6 themselves.

Life goes on, but the memories always remain, and V6 is something I will cherish. Now, and probably for many many more years.