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Soredemo, ikite yuku

Soredemo, ikite yuku (Eita, Mizushima Hikari) - Fuji TV Summer 2011

currently airing, up to ep 3 is available on d-addicts.
The last J-dorama that I enjoyed was Nagareboshi, and before that it was Mother (though I haven't finished Mother because it seemed like such a tear-jerker >"<). It's only inevitable that the drama I'm currently watching and falling in love with is written by the same scriptwriter as Mother, Sakamoto Yuji (who also penned Tokyo Love Story, FYI), and filmed by the same crew that filmed Nagareboshi :D Though I must add, so far Soredemo seems more promising than Nagareboshi. It has such themes as people committing sins, the concept of forgiving, and dealing with a painful past to move on with your future. 
Just like Nagareboshi, it's beautifully filmed, and looks even more realistic than the dreamy blue color of Nagareboshi. The first episode is somewhat slow, but episode 2 was stunning. Overall, it's a serious drama with such a good cast (Eita, Mizushima Hikari) that, if it's kept up at this rate and doesn't insert any head-scratching plot twister later on, it might just be one of my all-time favorite drama. Highly recommended ;)

 Subs are now available at yuizaki_libra 's journal.

6x6 of v6 - Q30-36!!!

30-35: describe each member using a single word

30. Describe Nagano in a single word

It's a very clear image, I think. He seems to be the most caring member of the group and the least intimidating; his presence always calms me down. He's the one who holds V6 together.
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6x6 of v6 - Q21-29

21. Who is your favorite V6 member?
I like all :D Before V6, it was hard to imagine I could find a group where I would care about all the members almost equally, but it happened. They all seem so genuine and laid-back and dorky, and I really, truly care about them all xD
But not to avoid the question, the reason why I'm here is thanks to the original sexy Osaka man xD And so he'll probably always hold an edge over everyone else, not just in V6, but in general. 
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6x6 of v6 - Questions 11-20

10 questions in a row!
Q11) Song that gets played the most in your car: Recently it's been New Day. I'm absolutely in love with this song, surprisingly, because when the single came out it was Chiisana koi no ohanashi that caught my attention the most. I've been putting New Day on repeat for several days straight.

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[Tanpatsu drama] Fuyu no undoukai

Today I spent ~ 2 hours and a half watching Okada's tanpatsu drama back in 2005, titled Fuyu no undoukai (Winter's game, 冬の運動会) with Hasegawa Kyoko. The synopsis as well as download links can be found here @ v6_unlimited thanks to haiqa & eskarina77 .

The verdict: 
 Fuyu no undoukai basically has the premise to be made into a renzoku with at least 9 episodes, but the whole episode was only 2 hours and a half, so everything was condensed, and I never felt bored. (Maybe that's why so many renzoku feel draggy even though they're only 9 episodes long; sometimes I feel like they can be shortened to 5 eps ;___; ) The pace was fast enough to keep me interested but slow enough to give the characters and the little stories depth.

The drama centers around 3 men in the family; they're all flawed, and even if they can't get along with each other, resemble their respective father in so many ways in this so-called circle of life. Fuyu no undoukai is a story about love, family connection, redemption and hope. It certainly ends with that feel-good effect, but I thought it was also very sincere and honest without decorating any sentimental details over the premise. The little details are so carefully thought out, I wish it was made into a full-blown movie because it certainly has that prospect ;___; The cast is lovely; besides Okada, there's the gorgeous Hasegawa Kyoko, and I've always really liked Terajima Shinobu since Tokyo Tower - her acting is always full of fiery passion. Overall, I highly recommend it. I kept pausing while watching because I didn't want it to end xDDD
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6x6 of v6 - Q8,9,10

  Question 8: Song guaranteed to make you cry - Hajimari :) One of V6's most touching songs ever. Songs about departing and bidding farewell are supposed to have a melancholic touch, like this one and Boku to bokura no ashita, so... Lyrics here

Question 9: Song that puts you at ease - Portraits. Kind of along the line with the previous question in that Portraits itself is somewhat sad, however, if I just listen to the melody without really thinking about the lyrics, their voices harmonizing really put me at ease. Lyrics here.

Question 10: Song that you play in the shower

Hmm. I don't play songs while I'm in the shower, but if I have to imagine which song I would play while I'm taking a shower, it'll probably be something like Ai no melody, fun and catchy LOL


Okada Junichi in new movie w/ Yokoyama Yu

Thanks to my friend fortuneteller38 I found out apparently Okada is in another movie with Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani8) and Miyazaki Aoi (and I'm like wut I freakin' adore her!!!).  strawberry_fzz   also posted about this - she is definitely more reliable, because I can't read Japanese LOL. So from what I've gathered with the help of rùa-chan and my other friend, Mr. Google Translate:
1. The movie will be a jidaigeki (period drama), and the synopsis can be found here.
2. Okada will play Shibukawa Shunkai (渋川 春海), the creator of the Japanese lunar calendar. Miyazaki Aoi will play his wife (can someone confirm this?) and Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani8) will play his rival (what will the rivalry be about???)
3. The director is Takita Yojiro, the director of Okubirito (Departures).Yeah it's that Oscar-winning movie...
4. The movie is schedule to be released in Fall 2012. 

Again it's Google so please take with many grains of salt LOL.

So, great casting, great director, can it get any better? Words CANNOT describe how excited I am about this project!!!

I'm trying hard to keep calm, but after this some serious keyboard smashing will ensue. xDDDDD Just waiting for someone to translate the news into English so we all can be assured :((

On a side note, it seems like ever since his SP drama, Okada is concentrating on his film roles, eh? Well that's all swell and splendid, but I miss seeing him on television :(

Another side note, Okada and Miyazaki Aoi already collaborated once before in Kagehinata ni saku. I kinda enjoyed it even though it wasn't exceptional. Still a good watch though :D

Source: 1 2 3 4

 Interesting... I have no idea what kind of music my friends like. That and also because I have few friends, oh the anti-social phenomenon that is me. So... for the girls who like the sappy love songs that go on and on, I'll go with Hoshi ga furu yoru demo

Now, this is not a sappy love song (I actually quite like the lyrics), but it IS a love song, so girls might like it, yes?

Lastly, I hope that my friends will not find this blog, and if they do, I hope they won't find out the owner's identity. *bricks*


6 x 6 of V6: Day 4, 5 and 6

 I haven't posted in the last 2 days because I was sick - had a throat infection - but now I'm much better :) Guess that means I'll have to triple post, woot.

Question 4: Favorite solo song

This time Inocchi's Haru wo matou wins by a margin :) So loving & tender, and it has that melancholic and poetic feel. At one point I almost cried watching him sing this song late at night. 

Honorable mention: Okada's No FIN (because it was the very first V6 related song I searched up and found).

Question 5: What's your theme song?

I went through my V6 playlist scratching my head, searching for something that represents "me". I would have picked Voyager, but I already chose it as my "most favorite V6 song", so... arg. Then almost immediately I remember Over. Not only because Tonisen wrote the lyrics for this song, but also because I want to live life with a passion, not mediocrity, that's laid out in the song and translated so well by Mina-P.

Sketch a never ending dream and don't be bound by the passing days

Question 6: Song you must play when you're down

The majority of V6 songs are very upbeat, so most would fit this category I guess? But recently I found Wonder World and particularly this video to be very cheerful :) 


 It's gotta be 12 kagetsu in their single only dreaming. Lyrics translated by Raine here. A very different Kamisen, all grown-up and tender *dies*. I want to hear them - especiall Go - sing this one in concert so bad xD

Though for me, New Day follows really closely behind. It's exactly my kind of music, upbeat and inspirational :D I like Rock the house, Are you ready tonight, and Magical mystery song as well - or at least, I like watching them perform those songs. These would never have been my type before but now I do enjoy them from time to time, that's how much of an effect V6 has on me *___*

On another note, I think my selection mostly consists of recently songs. I WILL listen to all of their older releases some day. Seriously *facepalm*.