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Walk - V6, Sayonara no natsu - Aoi Teshima

I know I like V6 also because of their "personality" (or what they show us), their shows (especially GeI) and their live performances, but it's times when they sing songs like Walk that I feel I like them the most :D

The title reminds me of this picture so much

This is my favorite song, in terms of music, hands down ever since the release of Only Dreaming (of which my favorites were New Day and 12 kagetsu - kind of strange too, because usually I don't like Kamisen's songs as much as Tonisen's haha). Still waiting for the lyrics translation, but if I like the lyrics, Walk will definitely be one of my all-time favorite V6 songs. I don't know why, but since they announced the song list in the single, and Walk was the one they never talked about or had any hints at all, I had a feeling it was going to be a non-flashy song but that feels very old-schooled V6 - inspirational and harmonious. I'm so happy my gut feelings didn't let me down :D

Strangely, this song reminds me of Yuzu :D *go listening to more Yuzu*

Worth checking out even if you're not into V6. Their harmonies are beautiful.

And I heard something about "Nagareboshi." Well that's gotta be awesome :p

On a side note, I downloaded Aoi Teshima's new single Sayonara no natsu (of which the title song is Kokurikozaka kara's, Studio Ghibli's newest film, theme song). Besides Sayonara no natsu which is of course very beautiful on its own, the single also had a fun, child-like song which reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro - Asagohan no uta, and Hatsukoi no uta, a soothing song that suits her vocal. Worth checking out :D The single can be downloaded here


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Aug. 25th, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah I think Sayonara no natsu is very nostalgic, but it's a nice song ♥
Teehee can't wait for their perf on SCP, it makes me happy to know that I can go to school, then come back and be able to watch a V6 perf xDDD
Aug. 29th, 2011 05:41 am (UTC)
I dl Aoi Teshima song at the time of the Kokurikozaka kars's promos - voice is pure, angeling. Song is haunting. I'm her fan since she did the theme song of Tales from the Earthsea.

Walk is pure blessedness for me! Sound is distinctively V6 - beautiful harmonies, clear sound, simple rendition that brings forth beautiful emotions and memories. A PV would be great *wishful thinking*
It would be nice though if they can come out with a compilation of unplugged V6 ballads from the recent past (if no material is available). That would be absolutely heavenly and priceless!
Aug. 29th, 2011 10:55 pm (UTC)
Yayyyy I also knew her from Tales from Earthsea, both that one and Sayonara no natsu are beautiful and fit her voice perfectly xD
I love Walk the most in this single *___* Okada should deliver more solo lines in ballads haha. I've liked Mission of love more recently too ^^.
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