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Recently I've been really into ayaka's music. I first knew her because of Okaeri (Zettai Kareshi's theme never watched the drama btw), and then I believe, but they weren't enough to make me listen to more. Then she got married to Mizushima Hiro and subsequently temporarily took a break from performing because of Graves' disease, but this year that she was back, I listened to her newest album, "The beginning" and was blown away.

At first I didn't like ayaka's voice as much, or rather her way of singing; I feel like it's a bit too embellished with such a heavy emphasis on techniques that at times it feels so "trying". But, with the types of songs that she wrote, I've been overlooking that and now I'm used to her voice and have learned to love it! Now I feel that it fits her songs well, because, well, she writes them. Plus, she is AMAZING live.

If you were to ask me, I'd try her newest album first, I like it much better than her earlier stuff. ayaka writes very inspirational lyrics, definitely not the sentimental lovesick kind, and that's why I like her songs so much!