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alan is one of my favorite singers - she sings well, is pretty, and I think because of where she came from (being Tibetan, growing up in China, trained in classical Chinese music), she brings a fresh air to the J-pop scene. Unfortunately she's on a hiatus in Japan right now (something about avex China not existing any more?) and is back in China, but I'm still waiting for the day she comes back to Japan :) I've listened to some Chinese songs of hers, but I like her Japanese songs much more (with the exception of 大江東去, Red Cliff 2 theme song, which really suits her voice and sounds heavenly!). Also because of her ethnicity, her voice carries a distinct feel of melancholy unlike that of any Japanese singers. I like the fact that her composers also try to incorporate many traditional Tibetan elements into her songs to make her works unique. As such, it's a joy to watch her sing live.

A couple of alan's songs that I like:

大江東去 - Japanese version Kuon no kawa
BALLAD ~名もなき恋のうた
懐かしい未来 (Natsukashii mirai) - Live
群青の谷 (Gunjou no tani)
Kanashimi wa Yuki ni Nemuru (悲しみは雪)